Meet Me

Tiffany Rochelle was born in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in 1982, the first and only daughter of a very misguided woman living under an assumed alias and a supposedly deceased father.  Although her mother was her primary guardian for most of her childhood, she spent a great deal of time separated from her during her many incarcerations.

Tiffany is currently working with Morgan James Publishing on the first in a series of memoirs recounting the many events of her childhood, excerpts of which can be found on her book blog:

Her hope is that this character piece will offer encouragement and empowerment to those reading it to embrace life's challenges as lessons in overcoming it's many obstacles.

She is a wildly ambitious and highly optimistic artist who lives to create in any form. Tiffany holds a love for photography and painting, as well as a multitude of other artistic expressions.

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